Culture Key

NGO Etnoweb’s free education program Culture Key is organized for people whose native tongue is not Estonian and who are interested in learning more about Estonian culture, nature, history and everyday life. The program consists of lectures, discussions, study trips and visits. Each participant completes 25 academic hours worth of activities.


If, how and when to participate?

Registration of new participants for the 2023 autumn program will be opened on September 4th and will last until September 11th.

The schedule will be opened on September 11th at 14:00, the autumn program will consist of a two-day trip with departure from Tallinn (23-24.09).

If you already participated in the “Cultural Key” program this year, then your account was temporarily frozen. In this case, you will be able to participate in the paid program.

THE PAID PROGRAM and all the purchase conditions are HERE.


How to stay in touch?

1) For any questions about the English program don’t hesitate to contact Marina Zastrogina;
2) Make sure to join FB closed group Culture Key.

Marina Zastrogina
Coordinator of the English program


Each participant can select their own schedule!

The participants receive more information and the event schedule after registering in the program. Each participant can select freely the events they want to participate at based on their interests and possibilities. Each event is worth a certain amount of academic hours. Each participant needs to complete 24-27 academic hours worth of activities.

The program is held in Tallinn and Harju County (Russian and English groups) as well as in Narva and Ida-Viru County (Russian group).


In which languages is the Culture Key program available and what is it about?

The events are held in English and Russian as group activities. Each group 40-45 participants depending on the event.

The event selection consists of trips (to Arvo Pärt Centre, Kohtla-Järve, Tartu, etc) and other tailor-made programs.


Registration process

Registration is open!

Register as participant 
NGO Etnoweb will send further information regarding the program within 2 weeks after registration.
The program is open for everyone who isn’t a native Estonian speaker and is at least 18 years old.


The project is partnered with local cultural establishments, NGOs, professional guides and other specialists. NGO Etnoweb is also very thankful to it’s Estonian volunteers and is also always open for new partnerships.


Become a volunteer!

If you wish to participate as a volunteer by helping to organize events (helping with the registration sheets, taking photos, participating in discussions etc) then please contact

As a volunteer you’ll be able to participate in all the events for free while learning together with other participants about Estonian culture and society. The program offers a chance to connect with people from across the world.



The Culture Key program is organized by NGO Etnoweb

Valeria Mihhailova

Valeria Mihhailova
Culture Key project manager, coordinator of the Russian program

Marina Zastrogina

Marina Zastrogina
Coordinator of the English program